The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Repair

We tend to take our drains and sewer lines for granted because we only see the drain entrances in our homes. But, when these critical plumbing systems don’t work efficiently, there is a potential for severe damage to the entire home. The maintenance and upkeep of water and sewer lines to and from the municipal supplier is the homeowners’ responsibility. In this article, we will take a closer look at this topic to help you make informed decisions.

Identifying Drain and Sewer Line Problems

There is no substitution for a sewer camera inspection carried out by your local professional plumber. But, there are some early indicators that indicate that something is wrong. Foul drain or sewer odors may be cleaned up with white vinegar to kill the bacteria, but if they persist there may be an underlying problem to fix. If the drain is running slowly, it may be possible to break a drain clog apart with a plumbing snake or a cup plunger. But, if that doesn’t work or the clog returns frequently, this is usually a sign that there is a persistent clog deeper in the drain line. If the water or, even worse, sewage is backing up into the sink or other drains, this is a sure sign that you need to call a certified plumber.

The Causes of Drain and Sewer Line Problems

The most common cause of a persistent drain line clog is a buildup of oil, grease, hair, and other materials that damages pipes and prevents proper drainage. Another common problem is poor installation. The pipes may be misaligned, leading to clogging problems and an increased risk of bursting. The most common cause of a sewer line problem is a tree root intrusion caused by a root that’s seeking nutrients from a small crack in the sewer line. Over time the root will grow further into the sewer line, which breaks it apart, and you may see excessive plant growth on the surface of the yard.

Professional Plumbing Solutions vs. DIY Drain Clearance

There are times when a drain clog can be removed with a simple plumbing snake or plunger. There are homemade drain cleaner recipes that are kind on the pipes, and in many cases, they are effective. Using a store bought chemical drain cleaning product is not recommended because they contain caustic chemicals that damage pipes. But, if the clog cannot be cleared or it returns frequently, this is a sure sign that there is an underlying problem to fix. This is the time when you should call your local certified and licensed plumber for expert help and advice. They can carry out a non-invasive sewer line camera inspection to identify the cause of your drainage and sewer line problems. This accurate information can be used to make a plan to fix the problem quickly and to get your plumbing system working efficiently.

If you need to schedule a sewer line camera inspection, contact your local professional plumber today.