8 Facts About Water Line Replacement Explained

When many people think about a water line replacement for their homes, they may imagine excavation equipment, devastated lawns, and a huge bill. But, this isn’t necessarily the case, technological improvements in this field may be able to deliver a fully functioning water line with minimal disruption and affordable price. In fact, large-scale excavations are relatively rare these days, and this significantly reduces the time and labor costs. In this article, we will take a closer look at eight facts about water line replacement.

1.  Water Line Replacements are Efficient

In the past, replacing a water line was a hit and miss affair because professional plumbers had no way to look inside the pipe or conduct a trenchless replacement. You may be surprised to learn that a water line replacement can be started and finished in a single day in many cases. This is possible because innovations have been made in trenchless water line replacement that takes a fraction of the time and effort to complete.

2.  A Trenchless Water Line Replacement Protects Your Lawn

Although it is true that a certain amount of disruption is necessary, it is possible to protect the lawn using a trenchless water replacement approach. This involves using sections of epoxy perma-liner to fill in or replace damaged sections of the water line. There is no requirement to dig up the old water line to install the new pipe sections. The plumbers will make small non-intrusive entry locations and use air pressure to move the new lines along the walls of the existing lines. When the new water line is in place, an air bladder is used to cure the inner walls of the pipe to make the surfaces watertight. The need for expensive “trenching” (pipe digging) is removed, and the costs are lowered.

3.  The Cost of Trenchless Water Line Replacement is Lower

We’ve already touched on this aspect of a trenchless water replacement, but it bears repeating because the costs will have a major impact on your budget. One of the more expensive aspects of any major project is labor, and a trenchless technique uses fewer people, and it’s faster. There is no need to deliver excavation equipment to your home, and this reduces the overhead for the plumbing company. A new water line should last for at least 50 years, which lowers the medium to long-term costs of home ownership. During traditional water line repairs, it’s likely that a lot of damage will be caused to the lawn, plants, and other yard features. Landscaping the yard to get it back to its original condition is a further expense that you don’t need to worry about with a trenchless repair. The exact costs of the replacement will vary a great deal depending on a specific home, and getting an exact quote is important to determine an estimate for the job.

4.  The Water Line Can Expand During a Pipe Burst

This water line replacement has an extra advantage known as “pipe bursting.” Although this term may seem like a detriment when it’s applied to plumbing, the exact opposite is true. During pipe bursting, a pointed “bursting head” is fixed to the replacement pipe and then fed through damaged pipe sections. The bursting heat forces through the old pipe and expands to clear away the old debris. This clears a path for the replacement pipe, which will be wider and more efficient, and in this way, you’re getting a “two birds with one stone” replacement. The broken pipe is repaired, and the efficiency of the water line is improved for at least 50 years which is a great deal.

5.  A Trenchless Repair Can Fix Any Damage

This may seem like a bold claim, but the plumbing specialist will evaluate the condition of the existing water line with a sewer line camera. This will help them to determine if a trenchless repair is possible or if it’s a better idea to recommend a replacement. During a trenchless replacement, the damage caused by any source is fixed because the pipe is replaced entirely. The damage sources that this approach can handle include shifting soil, pipe fractures, corrosion, tree root intrusions, and more.

6.  Protection Against Expensive Repair Bills

One aspect of trenchless water replacement that many people overlook is that it protects them against expensive repair bills. How? Well, in one fell swoop, the plumbing specialist will remove all the potential sources of damage and install a fresh water line. This may have a higher upfront cost when compared to a repair now, but it will cost less in the medium to long term.

7.  Trenchless Replacement is Safer

Because there is no need for extensive excavation in your yard, there is a reduced risk of injury for you, your family, and the workers. Why? The presence of underground gasses is very real, and they can represent a significant health risk. The most common risks are asbestos, subterranean mold, and hitting a gas line. Extensive periods of work can also cause other problems around the home, such as tripping hazards, vermin attraction, and more. A trenchless repair doesn’t require extensive digging, it can usually be completed in a single day, and it removes these potential risks from the replacement process.

8.  Unparalleled Lifespans

A trenchless water line replacement can last up to 50 years with improved efficiency. The perma-liner replacement PVC material is easy to install, but don’t be fooled, it’s designed for durability, and it should deliver years of reliable service. We still recommend a camera inspection and some essential maintenance every few years. But, this is a requirement for all plumbing systems that many people tend to ignore. If you take care of your plumbing pipes and fixtures, they will work better, and any potential issues can be identified and fixed quickly before they develop into major problems.

As you can see, a trenchless replacement has a number of clear advantages over a traditional pipe replacement method. But, it’s not always possible to conduct a trenchless replacement, and a camera inspection is needed to evaluate the situation.

If you need a water line repair or replacement, contact your local professional certified and licensed plumbing specialist today.