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Emergency Plumbing specialists for full service plumbing repair, serving Studio City, California

In a tradecraft associated with seemingly inexplicable charges and “nebulous” service fees, Flood Brothers Plumbing has adhered, from its earliest beginnings, to building TOTAL TRUST through TOTAL TRANSPARENCY in all its plumbing Studio City services. As a family-owned and operated plumbing services business, we know our clients in Studio City CA are not just faceless dollar signs, but families just like our own, and as a result, we treat them as such, providing, first and foremost, long-term customer satisfaction.

Built from a single truck, as a one-stop service provider for challenging sewer repair Studio City and drain clearing issues, 3rd generation plumbing journeyman Giovanni Longo has built Flood Brothers Plumbing into THE GO-TO EMERGENCY Plumbing Studio City SERVICES provider and the Studio City plumber of choice in Studio City, CA. Specializing in catastrophic flood damage repair Studio City, drain back-ups, sewer emergency solutions, as well as a broad range of plumbing repair, plumbing issues, and repipe services for both residential and commercial properties, this expertise ensures rapid response and effective solutions tailored to meet any plumbing need.

Emergency Plumbing specialists in Studio City, California

Beyond being licensed full-service plumbing contractors, serving Studio City, California
Flood Brothers’ professional plumbing technicians are also trained and certified in water heater repairs and water damage restoration. We only provide the very best quality workmanship, combined with a fair upfront pricing model.

Call FLOOD BROTHERS’ professional plumbing technicians, the EMERGENCY PLUMBING SPECIALISTS serving Studio City, California at 855.840.7800 or click for IMMEDIATE 24/7 plumbing services, repairs, and plumbing issues in the surrounding Studio City, CA area.

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  • Same Day Emergency Service Guaranteed.
  • One Day, trenchless Sewer replacements.
  • Up-front Pricing.
  • Licensed Bonded and Fully Insured.
  • Family Owned and Operated.
  • Over 15 years Experience.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Emergency Drain Cleaning and Rooter Service from professional plumbing technicians serving Studio City, California

When major root intrusions have caused your home’s main sewer line to back up, leading to the unfortunate flooding of raw sewage on your property, Flood Brothers Plumbing, your trusted drain repair Studio City plumber, is here to assist. We have professional plumbing technicians equipped with the necessary know-how and state-of-the-art technology to tackle even the most catastrophic flood-related emergencies. Our priority is to offer you a comprehensive range of options, enabling you to choose the best plumbing service that aligns with your budget and overall circumstances. From Cable Snaking to Hydrojetting, Flood Brothers, your go-to drain repair Studio City plumber, possesses the tools and technical expertise to effectively address all your plumbing issues, whether it’s drain cleaning or rooter EMERGENCY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

Emergency Studio City Plumber, Sewage Flood Mitigation and clean up in Studio City, California

When confronted with flood water damage, especially stemming from raw sewage, taking decisive action is paramount. Even a mere few hours of delay can significantly escalate the extent of property damage. That’s why Flood Brothers’ CRITICAL RAPID RESPONSE Plumbers and professional plumbing technicians are primed to react swiftly to any flooding incident. With state-of-the-art equipment and systems at our disposal, we can rapidly extract substantial volumes of water from your property. As your trusted flood damage repair Studio City plumber, serving the broader Studio City area with pride, we’re better equipped than most, to mitigate flood damage for any residence or commercial establishment in the Studio City area.

Water Damage Repair & Restoration in Studio City, California

When a devastating flooding occurrence strikes your home or commercial property, Flood Brothers Plumbing has the solution… when you’re impacted by water damage repair Studio City, every minute counts, and Flood Brothers Plumbing, your dedicated plumber Studio City, recognizes this urgency. Our skilled Studio City plumbers use state-of-the-art suction systems and industrial pumps to get rid of water from even the most hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, our expertise extends to addressing plumbing issues promptly, leveraging our proficiency as plumbers to ensure comprehensive solutions. We don’t just stop at water removal; we utilize commercial-grade structural dryers and dehumidifiers to swiftly counteract the threat of mold proliferation and structural deterioration.

Flood Brothers Plumbing’s proprietary water damage abatement protocols start with a well-organized, multi-point inspection of your property, including a detailed damage assessment. We isolate the source of the water infiltration and stop it at its point of origin, determining quickly if there is also any biohazard. The specific nature and source of water contamination normally determine the specific processes used to restore a property back to normal. As licensed plumbers serving Studio City, California, our RAPID RESPONSE water damage repair Studio City team takes extra steps to safeguard your property. We relocate furniture and its contents to minimize the risk of rust or furniture stains on wet carpeting, common outcomes of flooding-related incidents.

In cases where rainwater has damaged your home, we swiftly implement protective measures to prevent further harm, such as deploying special industrial-grade roof tarps, conducting board-ups, and erecting temporary fencing. Flood Brothers’ RAPID RESPONSE TEAM is adeptly trained and equipped to execute these services with swift tactical precision throughout Studio City, CA. Our commitment as your trusted plumber Studio City extends beyond addressing plumbing issues – we are dedicated to comprehensive property care and restoration.

Emergency Water Removal and Water Extraction

Emergency Water Removal and Water Extraction in Studio City, California

Flood Brothers’ water extraction methodology removes nearly 100% of the water from your property, whether it’s a residence or commercial space in Studio City, CA. With an exhaustive approach, our RAPID RESPONSE TEAM significantly reduces critical drying time, effectively minimizing the risk of mold formation. Our advanced truck-mounted, mobile vacuum units have the capacity to rapidly eliminate thousands of gallons of water. For properties with larger water quantities, such as in cases of flooding, we employ submersible gas-powered pumps to ensure continuous and efficient EXTRACTION of high-level water. To enhance our precision, we utilize infrared cameras to locate hidden water in walls and ceilings. As your dependable plumber Studio City, Flood Brothers goes beyond water extraction – we’re dedicated to comprehensive property care, including addressing plumbing repair needs promptly and effectively.

water extraction methodology removes nearly 100%

Structural Drying and Dehumidification in Studio City, California

After the completion of Phase 1 of the water elimination phase, subfloors and walls are visually inspected by our Water Mitigation Professionals. They also address potential water heater repairs, and plumbing issues, and collaborate with plumbers if necessary. Carpet and pads are typically lifted to determine the need for removal. Moisture detectors and hygrometers are employed to assess water saturation levels. It’s important to note that many building materials, including drywall and wood, retain significant moisture. If humidity isn’t fully extracted and eliminated, these materials can swell, warp, cup, or bow, which encourages mold growth. To prevent such issues, Flood Brothers’ Water Remediation and Restoration Team meticulously control indoor temperature and internal relative humidity. They utilize high-speed air movers to promote calculated airflow over surfaces such as walls, carpets, pads, and furniture, thus expediting the evaporation process. Dehumidifiers play a vital role in removing residual moisture and any water that remains within the building.

Odor Removal and Deodorization in Studio City, California

Water flooding, particularly of a sewer-related nature, often entails the need for odor removal and deodorization. Wet materials tend to impart an unpleasant “wet-dog” or moldy smell, and Flood Brothers’ Water Remediation and Restoration Licensed Plumbers, as your reliable Studio City plumber, are adept at identifying and eliminating all offensive odors stemming from water damage. Through the utilization of industrial air scrubbers, and in cases involving biohazard exposure, antimicrobial, antibacterial, or disinfectant treatments, Flood Brothers comprehensively addresses both significant and lingering odors, while also eradicating the bacteria present on your property.

Emergency Leak Detection in Studio City, California

NEVER take shortcuts when it comes to any form of leak detection and subsequent repair or re-piping. This caution applies particularly to gas leaks, as compromising safety might put your loved ones’ lives at significant risk. Whether you suspect a minor gas leak or a water leak, rest assured that Flood Brothers Plumbing’s licensed plumbers, your dependable plumber in Studio City, possess both the necessary tools and the expertise to accurately identify and promptly rectify the issue before it escalates into a catastrophic event. Our commitment to your safety and well-being is unwavering. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that all Flood Brothers Plumbing re-pipes and installations automatically include a complimentary leak inspection.

Camera Inspections in Studio City, California

Before you can implement a plumbing solution to any water stoppage, you must first know the TRUE nature and source of the problem. The best course of action is to always visually assess the area first. Flood Brothers’ digital sewer and drain repair Studio City-imaging system allows our professional plumbing technicians to see and show you, in living color the exact cause and extent of the blockage. This also permits us the ability to provide you with the best options; with complete transparency. No surprise hidden costs, no mysterious service fees. What you see is what you get.

Cable Snake drain and line clearing Plumbers in Studio City, California

Cable Snakes are the industry gold standard for rooting. What is a Cable Snake? A Cable Snake is a high-powered machine engineered to drive an industrial-grade, steel cable, tipped with a fast-rotating, bladed head that shreds roots and blockages while clearing your line.

Hydrojet and Hydrojetter Services in Studio City, California

When intrusions from older tree roots or any vegetation are so severely compacted that cable snakes can’t bite into the root ball, Flood Brothers Plumbing, including our professional plumbing technicians who serve as your reliable Studio City plumber, turns to Hydrojetting. This specialized technique utilizes special steel tips that “jet” water at an impressive 3000 lbs. of pressure per square inch, effectively shearing through the most stubborn roots with the precision of a laser beam.

One-Day Sewer Trenchless Plumbers in Studio City, California

When sewer line replacements are unavoidable at your Studio City property, Flood Brothers Plumbing, with our team of professional plumbing technicians, serving as your trusted sewer repair Studio City plumber, offers the latest alternative to the normally disruptive and expensive excavations characteristically needed to extract and replace a main sewer line. Flood Brothers’ trenchless technology can provide you with an efficient solution that will not only save you time and money but the inevitable stress caused by severe damage from tearing up your front property.

Repipe Plumbers

General Plumbing and plumbing repair in Studio City, California

Water Heater Installation +
Repair in Studio City, California

Be it conventional gas water heaters or state-of-the-art electric and tank-less ones, Flood Brothers Plumbing, with our expert professional plumbing technicians serving as your reliable Studio City plumber, will meticulously analyze all your plumbing problems. We will provide valuable advice on which type of water heater will best and most cost-effectively serve your needs.

Re-pipes in Studio City, California

Whether you opt for the gold standard copper, or the newer and more affordable PEX (polyethylene) to re-pipe your home, apartment building, or commercial property, Flood Brothers Plumbing, with our team of expert professional plumbing technicians, serving as your dedicated Studio City plumber, includes a no charge comprehensive appraisal as to which would be best suited for your plumbing needs.

Bathroom Fixture repairs and installation in Studio City, California

If you need your fixtures repaired or installed, Flood Brothers, with our team of skilled professional plumbing technicians, serving as your experienced Studio City plumber, has the training to service them. This applies regardless of whether they are stock or decorative, domestic or foreign fixtures. If requested, we will also collaborate directly with your architect or interior decorating professional, providing you with competitive wholesale pricing on best-in-class vintage, modern, or futuristic decorative fixtures and plumbing accessories.

Gas Line Repair and installation in Studio City, California

Gas lines can be hazardous if improperly installed or repaired. Gas is EXTREMELY volatile and DANGEROUS and should be treated accordingly. Caution should be exercised – ALWAYS – and you should call a Flood Brothers gas professional, with our team of skilled Plumbing Studio City plumbers, even for what may seem to be the slightest smell of natural gas. We are not only a licensed plumber in California and experienced plumbing contractor, but our gas line professionals are second to none; trained for any type of gas repair and installation.

Plumbers trained to work with YOUR
Insurance Carrier

With over 15 years of plumbing experience, we, as your experienced Plumbing Studio City plumbers, understand fully that if you encounter sudden plumbing needs, related to water heater repairs, a flood crisis, or any type of catastrophic water damage, the last thing you want or need is more stress, plus paperwork. For this very reason, Flood Brothers Plumbing offers WHITE GLOVE CONCIERGE SERVICE. Our back office team will work, on your behalf, with your insurance carrier and make the process of getting the job done as easy as possible and stress-free for you.

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