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Emergency Plumbing Specialists Serving Woodland Hills, California

In an era when many plumbing companies are driven solely by profits, Flood Brothers Plumbing in Woodland Hills stands out as a family-owned and operated business with a primary focus on customer satisfaction. We understand that our clients are families, just like ours, and not merely a profit center. Our goal is to be your trusted plumbers for life, treating you with the same respect and care we would expect for ourselves. This principle guides us every day.

Founded by veteran plumber Giovanni Longo, Flood Brothers Plumbing initially started as a general plumbing, sewer, and drain clearing company in the Valley. Today, we have grown to become a premier flood emergency first responder in Woodland Hills, CA and the greater Los Angeles market. We specialize in handling catastrophic drain and sewer backup issues, storm, and rainwater flooding remediation, and offer a broad spectrum of general residential and commercial plumbing services. This includes repairing and re-piping for both residential and business properties.

Emergency Plumbing specialists serving Woodland Hills, California

Flood Brothers is proud of its unwavering integrity. As a certified and licensed plumber, we specialize in water damage remediation in Woodland Hills, committed to providing only top-tier workmanship at fair and upfront prices.

For the residents of Woodland Hills facing any plumbing problem, whether it’s a standard issue or a need for electric water heaters, our team of professional plumbing technicians is here to help. As a licensed plumber, we ensure that each service we provide is of the highest quality.

Call FLOOD BROTHERS PLUMBING, your emergency plumbers in Woodland Hills, CA at 855.840.7800 or click for IMMEDIATE 24/7 dedicated and quality plumbing services at competitive and upfront prices, ensuring that Woodland Hills residents receive the best possible care for their homes and businesses.


  • Same-Day Emergency Service Guaranteed – For plumbing emergencies in Woodland Hills, we guarantee same-day service to Woodland Hills residents, ensuring quick resolution to your plumbing problems.
  • One Day, Trenchless Sewer Replacements – We offer efficient, one-day trenchless sewer replacements, minimizing disruption to your plumbing system.
  • Up-front Pricing – Our professional plumbing technicians provide clear, up-front pricing for all our services, so there are no surprises.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Fully Insured – As a licensed plumber, Flood Brothers ensures peace of mind with our fully insured services.
  • Family Owned and Operated – For over 15 years, our family-run business has been serving Woodland Hills residents, treating each customer with personal care.
  • Over 15 Years Experience – Our professional plumbers bring over 15 years of experience to every job, ensuring expert service.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We strive for complete satisfaction with every job, whether it’s installing electric water heaters or handling other plumbing needs.

At Flood Brothers Plumbing, we are committed to providing Woodland Hills residents with top-quality, reliable plumbing services. Whether you need a plumber for a standard issue or an urgent plumbing emergency, you can count on us for professional and efficient solutions.

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Emergency Drain Cleaning and Rooter Service Plumbers in Woodland Hills, California

If tree root intrusions have caused your main sewer line to back up, threatening to flood your home or business with sewage, Flood Brothers Plumbing stands ready to tackle that plumbing emergency. We specialize in a range of techniques, from Cable Snaking to Hydrojetting, offering comprehensive drain cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of options, empowering you to choose the solution that best aligns with your situation.

Equipped with the necessary tools, and a team of professional plumbing technicians, Flood Brothers Plumbing is committed to addressing your plumbing problems efficiently. We serve both residential and commercial customers in Woodland Hills, ensuring that all plumbing services are conducted to the highest standard. Known for our quick response times, we are a licensed plumber highly recommended by the Woodland Hills residents for our expertise and reliability.

Whether it’s a rooter emergency, flooding issue, or routine maintenance like water heaters, you can rely on Flood Brothers Plumbing for swift and effective solutions. Our dedication to excellence ensures that all your plumbing needs are met promptly, restoring normalcy and functionality to your property.

Flood Brothers Plumbing is also your go-to source for general plumbing maintenance and installations. Our range of services encompasses everything from routine inspections to the installation and repair of water heaters, ensuring that both residential and commercial properties are well-maintained. Our licensed plumbers are not only skilled in addressing immediate plumbing emergencies but also in providing long-term solutions to maintain the health and efficiency of your plumbing systems. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we make sure that every service, whether it’s a simple repair or a complex installation, is done with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Trust Flood Brothers for all your plumbing needs in Woodland Hills, where quality service and customer care are our top priorities.

Emergency Sewage Flood Mitigation and clean up in Woodland Hills, California

When Woodland Hills residents are confronted with overflowing sewage water, a rapid response becomes indispensable. Even a slight delay of just a few hours can greatly exacerbate the severity of the damage. Flood Brothers Plumbing’s Critical Rapid Response Plumbers are primed to respond almost instantaneously to any crisis incident. Equipped with the latest equipment and protocols, we are adept at swiftly removing massive quantities of water from both residential and business properties in Woodland Hills.

Our team possesses the expertise to address a wide array of plumbing issues. We offer comprehensive plumbing services, and as a reputable plumbing company, we specialize in both drain cleaning and extensive drain cleaning services. This ensures that your drains are not just cleared but also function optimally. Our team of professional plumbing technicians is experienced in tackling all types of plumbing problems, from sewer repair to various other plumbing emergencies.

For residents of Woodland Hills, Flood Brothers Plumbing is your reliable solution for any plumbing system needs. Our reputation as a professional plumbing service is built on the foundation of trust and dependability, especially critical in emergencies. We are committed to providing prompt and effective solutions, ensuring your property is swiftly restored to a state of safety and normalcy. Trust in Flood Brothers Plumbing for unmatched service in addressing your plumbing challenges.

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Water Damage Repair & Restoration in Woodland Hills, California

When catastrophic plumbing conditions occur, whether in homes or commercial properties, Flood Brothers Plumbing is equipped with the necessary solutions for water damage. Recognizing that time is critical in such situations, our plumbers use industrial pumps and suction systems to effectively extract water from even the most challenging locations. Furthermore, our commercial-grade structural dryers and dehumidifiers, managed by our plumbers, work efficiently to mitigate the risk of mold growth and structural damage.

Aware of the traumatic impact of flooding events, our Emergency Critical Response Hotline operates 24/7/365, staffed with trained Water Removal and Extraction Specialists. They are prepared to provide immediate assistance and dispatch a Rapid Response Team to your Woodland Hills property, ensuring prompt action whether it’s a residential, business, or commercial site.

The water damage restoration process at Flood Brothers Plumbing, led by our professional plumbers, commences with an exhaustive inspection of your property, including a detailed damage assessment. Our plumbers prioritize identifying and halting the source of water infiltration and also assessing any potential biohazards. The type of water contamination dictates the specific restoration methods our plumbers employ to return your property to its pre-damage condition.

Our Rapid Response Team is also diligent in carefully relocating furniture and other contents to prevent further damage, such as rust or stains on wet carpets or rugs.

Additionally, in instances of storm rainwater damage, deploying interim protective measures like industrial roof tarps, board-ups, and temporary fencing is essential. Our Rapid Response Team is well-trained and equipped to provide these vital services efficiently and effectively.

At Flood Brothers Plumbing, we offer an extensive range of plumbing services to address all plumbing needs in Woodland Hills. As a family-owned business of local plumbers, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality plumbing service in every situation, from water heater repairs to other plumbing issues. Our commitment to the community is unwavering, with a focus on serving with the utmost professionalism and care.

Emergency Water Removal and Water Extraction in Woodland Hills, California

The initial phase of water extraction by Flood Brothers is crucial in effectively removing nearly all liquids from homes or properties, with our plumbers playing a vital role in this process. Our Rapid Response Team specializes in comprehensive water extractions, greatly reducing the critical drying time and aiding in the prevention of mold growth. Equipped with truck-mounted vacuum units and powerful pumps, our plumbers are proficient in removing hundreds, and often thousands, of gallons of water from affected properties.

In scenarios with substantial water accumulation, our plumbers employ submersible gas-powered pumps for efficient high-level water removal. This ensures that even large volumes of water are handled effectively. Additionally, our plumbers utilize infrared cameras to identify “hidden” water in less visible areas, such as behind walls, beneath floors, and above ceilings. This technology enables our plumbers to ensure that all moisture is accounted for and addressed, completing a thorough and effective water extraction process.

Our team of plumbers in Woodland Hills is skilled in addressing a wide range of plumbing issues, providing comprehensive plumbing services to the Woodland Hills community. Residents can rely on Flood Brothers for access to dependable plumbing services, whether facing an emergency or requiring routine maintenance. Trust in our commitment to delivering prompt, professional, and effective plumbing solutions for all your needs in Woodland Hills.

Structural Drying and Dehumidification in Woodland Hills, California

After completing the water removal phase, Flood Brothers conducts thorough inspections of subfloors and walls, with our plumbers playing a key role in this process. We meticulously check carpets and pads to evaluate if they require permanent removal or can be salvaged, a task our plumbers are well-equipped to handle. Using hygrometers and moisture detectors, our plumbers determine the level of water saturation within the building’s structure. Materials like wood and drywall, being highly porous, often retain significant amounts of water, which can lead to swelling, bowing, warping, or breaking, and potentially to mold growth.

Our Water Remediation and Restoration Team focuses on effectively managing both temperature and indoor relative humidity. We employ specialized industrial high-speed air movers, creating a controlled airflow across walls, carpets, pads, and furniture to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. Additionally, our dehumidifiers are employed to remove the remaining humidity trapped within the building’s surfaces.

This comprehensive approach to structural drying and dehumidification is essential to prevent long-term damage and to maintain the integrity and safety of your property in Woodland Hills. Flood Brothers is committed to ensuring that your property is restored efficiently and effectively, minimizing the risks and impacts of water damage.

Emergency Leak Detection in Woodland Hills, California

Flood Brothers Plumbing in Woodland Hills, CA, utilizes the latest technology to quickly and accurately detect any leaks on your property, with our skilled plumbers leading the charge. Recognizing the serious nature of gas and water leaks, we emphasize the importance of not taking any risks. It’s vital to hire our professional team, which includes expert plumbers equipped with the proper, advanced gear for your safety and the preservation of your property’s integrity. Our plumbers are trained to use sophisticated detection tools to identify and resolve leaks, ensuring the safety and well-being of your property and its occupants.

Our skilled team is proficient in identifying and addressing leaks of any kind, whether they are related to your gas or water systems. We understand both the urgency and the potential hazards associated with leaks, which is why we respond swiftly and efficiently to these situations.

Additionally, all repiping and installation services provided by Flood Brothers Plumbing include a complimentary leak inspection. This crucial step reflects our dedication to quality and safety. It ensures that any new installations are not only performed with expert care but are also secure and leak-free.

For reliable and safe leak detection services in Woodland Hills, trust Flood Brothers Plumbing. Our commitment to using advanced technology and techniques guarantees the detection and resolution of leaks, safeguarding your property and providing peace of mind.

Camera Inspections in Woodland Hills, California

Understanding the exact nature of a plumbing problem is essential, particularly when dealing with blockages. Flood Brothers Plumbing prioritizes a visual assessment as the first step in addressing any blockage issues. Our advanced sewer and drain-imaging systems play a vital role in this initial assessment phase.

Utilizing state-of-the-art color LCD HD monitors, our technology allows us to show you the precise cause and extent of the blockage. This visual clarity is crucial for both accurate diagnosis and for providing you with the most cost-effective solutions to resolve the problem.

At Flood Brothers Plumbing, we value transparency in all our services. We guarantee that there are no hidden costs or surprise fees. The images captured during our camera inspection represent the actual situation, ensuring you are fully informed and involved in the decision-making process for addressing your plumbing needs.

Odor Removal and Deodorization in Beverly Hills, California

In Woodland Hills, CA, water flooding, particularly when it originates from sewer sources, typically requires comprehensive odor removal and deodorization. This is due to the “mildewy” and musty smell that wet materials often leave behind. The Flood Brothers’ Water Remediation and Restoration team is skilled in identifying and eradicating offensive odors.

For general odor removal, we utilize industrial air scrubbers, which are highly effective in neutralizing and eliminating odors. In situations involving biohazard exposure, our team applies antimicrobial, antibacterial, or disinfectant treatments. These treatments are essential for thoroughly cleansing your property and ensuring a hygienic environment.

Our approach is not only effective in treating serious and persistent odors but also plays a crucial role in eliminating any bacteria that may be present. We ensure that your property in Woodland Hills is not just visually clean but also free from any unpleasant odors that can linger after a flooding incident. Trust Flood Brothers for comprehensive odor removal and deodorization services, ensuring your space is comfortable and inviting once again.

Hydrojet and Hydrojetter Services in Woodland Hills, California

When dealing with compounded root intrusions that are so tightly packed that a cable snake can’t effectively pierce the root ball, Flood Brothers Plumbing employs a powerful solution – Hydrojetting. This method involves the use of highly specialized tips that spray water jets at an intense pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch.

This high-pressure jet is capable of slicing through even the most stubborn root intrusions, effectively clearing them from your pipes. Hydrojetting is an advanced technique particularly valuable for addressing severe blockages that standard rooting methods cannot resolve. It not only cuts through tough root masses but also thoroughly cleans the interior of the pipes, helping to prevent future blockages.

For effective and efficient Hydrojet and Hydrojetter services in Woodland Hills, trust Flood Brothers Plumbing. Our commitment to using state-of-the-art technology ensures that your plumbing challenges are resolved quickly and effectively, restoring the normal function of your plumbing system with minimal disruption.

One-Day Sewer Trenchless Plumbers in Woodland Hills, California

When sewer line replacements become inevitable, Flood Brothers Plumbing offers a cutting-edge, more economical alternative to traditional, disruptive, and costly excavation methods. Our trenchless technology presents an efficient solution for replacing sewer lines without the extensive digging and property damage typically associated with such projects.

Trenchless technology is an advanced method that allows us to repair or replace sewer lines more quickly and with minimal disruption to your property. This approach not only saves you money but also spares you the stress and aggravation of dealing with a torn-up driveway and the prolonged inconvenience of traditional excavation methods.

Learn more about how Flood Brothers’ trenchless technology can provide you with effective solutions for your sewer replacement needs in Woodland Hills. We are dedicated to offering innovative, time-saving, and cost-effective options for sewer line repairs and replacements, ensuring a smoother and less stressful experience for you.

Cable Snake Drain and Line Clearing Plumbers in Woodland Hills, California

One of the most reliable and time-tested methods for rooting is the use of a Cable Snake. This process involves a powerful machine that propels a long, flexible steel cable, equipped with a specialized rotating head. This head is designed to effectively tear through roots and blockages within your plumbing lines.

This technique is particularly efficient for clearing out obstructions, ensuring that your drainage and sewer lines are restored to optimal functionality. The Cable Snake method is a trusted solution for dealing with various types of blockages, ensuring that your plumbing system maintains its health and efficiency.

For professional Cable Snake drain and line clearing services in Woodland Hills, you can count on Flood Brothers Plumbing. Our expertise in this method guarantees a swift and effective resolution to your plumbing issues, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of your drainage system.

General Plumbing, Rooter, and Water Damage in Woodland Hills, California

Water Heater Installations and Plumbing Repairs in Woodland Hills, California

Whether you’re considering traditional water heaters or the more modern tank-less systems, Flood Brothers Plumbing is here to assist you. Our team will carefully evaluate your plumbing configuration to recommend the type of water heater that best suits your needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Our approach is tailored to each individual situation, ensuring that you receive a water heater solution that aligns with both your usage requirements and budget. We understand the importance of having an efficient and reliable water heater, and we’re dedicated to providing the best options available.

For all your water heater installation and plumbing repair needs in Woodland Hills, trust Flood Brothers Plumbing. Our expertise ensures that your new water heater is installed correctly and your plumbing repairs are handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Re-pipes in Woodland Hills, California

When it comes to repiping your home or commercial property, Flood Brothers Plumbing offers a range of options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the top-of-the-line copper piping for its durability and reliability, or the more affordable and versatile PEX (polyethylene) piping, we are here to guide you in making the best choice.

Our estimates include a complimentary complete assessment to determine which type of piping is most suitable for your specific requirements in Woodland Hills. We take into consideration various factors such as the layout of your property, your water usage, and your budget to provide a recommendation that aligns with your needs.

At Flood Brothers Plumbing, we are committed to ensuring that your re-piping project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, guaranteeing the long-term efficiency and safety of your property’s plumbing system. Trust us to provide you with the best possible re-piping solution in Woodland Hills.

Bathroom Fixture repair and installation in Woodland Hills, California

Whether you need repairs or installations of fixtures, baths, or toilets, Flood Brothers Plumbing is equipped with the expertise for a quick and efficient install or repair. Our team is proficient in handling a wide range of fixtures, from U.S. made to high-end European decorative pieces, ensuring your bathroom aesthetics are perfectly matched with quality functionality.

Flood Brothers Plumbing doesn’t just stop at repairs and installations. We also offer an extensive selection of brands and styles that cater to a variety of tastes – from classic and vintage to modern and futuristic designs. Our pricing is highly competitive, offering wholesale rates that provide value without compromising on quality.

Moreover, we are happy to collaborate with your designer, architect, or contractor to ensure that the fixtures align seamlessly with your overall bathroom design. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your bathroom fixtures meets your expectations in both style and functionality.

For all your bathroom fixture needs in Woodland Hills, trust Flood Brothers Plumbing. We are dedicated to providing top-tier service, making sure your bathroom fixtures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally sound and durable.

Gas Line Repair and installation in Woodland Hills, California

In Woodland Hills, CA, dealing with natural gas requires extreme caution, as gas lines can be dangerous if not properly installed or repaired. If you detect even the most seemingly harmless gas smell, it’s crucial to take immediate action. Flood Brothers Plumbing is here to help. We are licensed and experienced professionals specializing in both gas line repair and installation.

Our team understands the critical nature of gas line work and approaches each task with the highest level of precision and care. Whether you need repairs to an existing gas line or a new installation, we have the expertise to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

At Flood Brothers Plumbing, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work, reflecting our commitment to quality and the trust you can place in our services. For safe and reliable gas line repair and installation in Woodland Hills, trust our skilled professionals. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Specializing in Working with YOUR Insurance in Woodland Hills, California

In the event of a catastrophic flood emergency in Woodland Hills, CA, the last thing you need is added stress and headaches. Understanding this, Flood Brothers Plumbing is well-equipped to handle interactions with your insurance company directly. Our focus is on providing immediate action and solutions to alleviate your concerns during such critical times.

We are committed to ensuring that the job is not only done promptly but also in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our team has the expertise to manage all aspects of the insurance process, from filing claims to detailed documentation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

At Flood Brothers Plumbing, we take the burden off your shoulders, dealing with the insurance company on your behalf, so you can focus on getting your property and life back to normal as quickly as possible. Trust us to be your partner in navigating through the challenges of a flood emergency and the subsequent insurance processes in Woodland Hills.

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