Name: Hailey
Location: West Hollywood
Service: Urgent plumbing repairs

“…really grateful to your team for that professionalism and we are very pleased.”

“…they’ve done a great job every single time for us. ”

Name: Eric
Location: Hollywood Hills
Service: Plumbing Repairs

Name: Jason L.
Location: Studio City
Service: Regular customer for plumbing repairs

“…these guys are excellent..they are on time, they are professional, they are friendly. I highly highly highly recommend using Flood Brothers for any of your plumbing needs.”

“…cleared out my problem in less than 30 minutes, it was great, best experience I have yet”

Name: Jermaine
Location: Van Nuys
Service: Fixed clogged shower

Name: Dr. Santana
Location: Santa Clarita
Service: Un jammed garbage disposal

“…they fixed it immediately, very professional , Covid ready, extremely helpful.”

“…came Covid ready, my garbage disposal was not working and they came and fix it”

Location: Hollywood Hills
Service: Un jammed garbage disposal

Name: Greg
Location: Hollywood
Service: Ran snake in the building dealing with HOA

“…fantastic job here, very professional, courteous, they know what they are doing and get the job done”

“…came Covid ready, my garbage disposal was not working and they came and fix it”

Location: East Pasadena
Service: Replaced garbage disposal

Name: Ben
Location: Hollywood
Service: Ran camera to locate area of flooding and drain

“…I went with them, I trust them, go with them, believe it is the right decision.”

“…came right away, did the job, amazing, highly recommend them.”

Name: Ervin
Location: Santa Monica
Service: Ran snake in floor drains to clear stoppage

Name: Rana 
Location: Sherman Oaks
Service: Toilet Repair

“…they came out right away when we needed them…did an amazing job, I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

“…They are excellent and I always appreciate the high quality service they provide.”

Name: Stacy
Location: Los Angeles
Service: Garbage Disposal Replacement

“…I had a great experience and would recommend Flood Brothers to anyone”

Name: Colin
Location: Sherman Oaks
Service: Sewer repair


“…Mike provided wonderful service and I would 100% recommend them”

Name: Janelle
Location: Studio City
Service: Sewer repair

“…it gives me great peace of mind knowing that I have someone to call on when I have issues…”

Name: Alex
Location: Studio City
Service: Sewer repair

“…Mike was right on the money with pricing, experience… Overall it was just really good work, good personality…Great dancer…”

Name: Peter
Location: Canoga Park
Service: Plumbing repairs