4 Common Drain Problems That Need a Professional Plumber

Adopting a DIY ethos is a great way to develop new skills and save money on projects around the home. This can apply to home plumbing, where you could solve a dripping faucet problem and other routine tasks. But, there are some plumbing problems that cannot be fixed without professional intervention. In this article, we will look at four common drain problems when you should contact a local certified and licensed plumber.

1.  Slow Drains

When the drain lines are healthy and clear, they should run fast, and if they slow, there is a problem. The most common cause is a greasy clog that has developed because oil, grease, and other unsuitable waste have been poured into the drain. At first, the problem may seem minor, but over time it will become more obvious, and it must be fixed to prevent backups and other problems. Many people approach this problem by pouring a store bought drain cleaning product into the drain. This is a mistake; these cleaners contain caustic chemicals that can damage the plumbing system. If the clog cannot be removed with a manual plunger, it’s time to contact your local plumber.

2.  Frequent Drain Clogs

If there are frequent drain clogs, this is a sure sign that there is an underlying problem. This may be a persistent clog caused by thick food deposits, grease, oil, and other debris that has become lodged further in the drain. Another possible cause is a sewer line clog or breaks that may affect multiple drains at the same time. A professional plumber can inspect these clogs with a sewer line camera and specialist tools to remove them.

3.  Tree Root Infiltration

If you have trees in or near your yard, they can cause drain clogging issues in your home. The tree root structures travel a long distance to find easy sources of water and nutrients that promote growth. Most sewer lines are laid under the yard, where they go out to the street and connect to the main sewer line. Many people believe that these sewer lines are safe because they are buried underground, but this is not the case. If there is a crack or break in the pipe, water and sewage are released, and tree roots will grow towards it. Eventually, the root will grow into the pipe, and it will ultimately block the sewer line. A professional plumber has equipment that can be used to chop the root apart and free the sewer line. But, in many cases, a sewer line repair or replacement will be needed for the affected areas.

4.  Bad Plumbing Installation Problems

If you have a plumbing system that’s improperly installed, it can cause clogging issues. The drain pipes should be sloped to prevent the accumulation of debris and waste in certain key areas. Bad plumbing will clog frequently, and this can cause wastewater backups into the home. There is no easy fix for this problem, the plumbing system may require a full replacement, and this can be expensive. But, in the medium to long-term, the money saved on calling a plumber to remove frequent clogs will make the replacement a sound investment.

If you’re experiencing drain clogs in your home, contact your local professional plumber today.