What is a Drain Rooter Service and Why is it Important?

A drain rooter service is also known as “Rootering” and it’s an essential service for many homes. This process is the removal of tree roots that have intruded into the pipes and sewer lines that run in and out of your home. In this article, we will take a closer look at rootering, and explain the importance of the process to help you to make informed decisions.

What is a Rooter Machine?

As the name suggests, a rooter is used to tackle problems with root systems that can intrude on pipes in search of water and nutrients. This is a machine that’s designed to cut through blockages in the pipes and sewer lines that run under your yard. One of the more annoying aspects of root intrusions is that they are tough to cut through. When you order a rooter service, they will use the equipment to deal with root clogs and other drainpipe clogging problems.

How is this Different from a Plumbing Snake?

A drain snake or augur is a smaller and more simple variant of a rooter in some ways. There is a drill bit at the business end and a crack is turned to drill into a clog to break it apart. The principle is similar, but plumbing snakes are designed for clogs that are close to the entrance of the drain. Another key difference is the scale, a rooter is larger and more powerful than a drain snake that you may have in your plumbing toolkit. An industrial-grade rooter machine may have a camera, locator, and monitor system. This will allow the plumber to find the source of the problem quickly. If an excavation is needed, this will provide a more accurate location to dig which saves time and money.

Why are Tree Roots a Problem?

To grow tall and strong trees are always on the hunt for extra sources of nutrients. If there is a crack in the surface of a sewer line or water carrying pipe that’s located under your yard, it can be a temptation. The root system will start to grow towards this release of water or waste that can be used as a fertilizer. Even if the crack in the pipe is minor, this is still enough for a tree root to grow towards it because they are very sensitive. Certain trees are more prone to this behavior than others and the area where they are planted makes a difference. But, if your home has been prone to root intrusions in the past, they tend to return if the underlying problems are not fixed. A common cause of root problems is older or poor quality pipe material that’s prone to cracking and breaking. If you’re worried about the condition of your pipes, contact your local professional plumber today.

What Happens During a Drain Rooter Service?

Tree roots that grow into the pipes or even intrude on the foundations of your home can be a real problem. They are far more destructive than most people can imagine and the damage can be expensive to fix. But, most of the time trees and your home can live in harmony together, they provide shade, they soften the landscape and they add to the aesthetic appeal of any home. If your home has a history of root intrusions, it’s a great idea to schedule a drain rooter service at the same time every year. If you don’t have regular problems, the best inspection interval is two or maybe three years. Investing in new pipes and getting some advice on trees before you plant them is a great idea too.

3 Drain Clearance Steps Explained

Although the focus of this article thus far has been the rooter machine and how it’s used, there are a few possible ways to approach the problem. Evaluating the cause, making a plan, and fixing the problem is a tried and tested approach. But, don’t worry, a professional plumber will explain the process and they won’t carry out work without your permission. Let’s take a look at the three drain clearance steps in more detail, they are:

1.   Find the Cause of the Clogging Problems

There are times when the source of the clogging problem is not a tree root intrusion. The first step your local plumber will make is to inspect the sewer line with a specialized camera. This is a flexible fiber-optic camera that is fed into the pipe and the images are relayed to a monitor. Any damage inside the pipe or blockages can be observed without digging up the pipes. This process will save you hundreds of dollars if you’re proactive and you don’t wait for the situation to deteriorate.

2.   Hydro Jetting Sewer Line Clogs

If the source of the clog is something other than a tree intrusion, it may be possible to flush the line clean with a hydro jetting machine. As the name suggests, this is a hose that clears the sewer line with pressurized water. Hydro jetting is also an effective way to remove mature tree roots from the sewer line. This is a judgment call, if the rooter machine is ineffective, hydro jetting may be the answer.

3.   Using the Rooter Machine

If the source of the clogging problems is a tree root intrusion, those roots will need to be cleared. The plumber will insert a long flexible cable into the sewer line with sharp blades at the end. These blades are turned like a larger version of a plumbing snake to cut through the roots and clear the blockage. The plumber will run water into the line to test the draining and to make the roots easier to cut.

In Conclusion

Without a regular drain rooter service, a drain can become clogged and this can affect your entire home. A regular clog consisting of food scraps, hair, and soap scum can be removed with a plumbing snake if it’s near the drain entrance. For more formidable clogs and tree root intrusions, it’s important to contact your local professional plumber. They have the training, experience, and specialized equipment to fix the problem for you.