Bathroom sink drain

Tips for Preventing a Garbage Disposal Backup

A kitchen sink is a vital component in any busy home, and a garbage disposal can make the sink even more convenient. Unfortunately, if a clog occurs, a garbage disposal backup can be a messy and problematic issue. So, here we’ve compiled some tips to help prevent these types of issues from developing.

Avoid Dumping Coffee Grounds

While many of us enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, your garbage disposal and pipes don’t feel the same way. Coffee grounds can actually stick inside the pipes, creating the foundation for a clog. If you want to freshen up your sink, don’t use coffee and instead try grinding up a few small sections of orange or lemon.

Always Run Cold Water

While most people are aware that they should run the water as they are using their garbage disposal, many people use hot water, but this can be a mistake. Hot water can cause any grease or fats to melt and then run into the pipes, where they can solidify and cause a clog. Cold water keeps any fat in solid form, so you can scoop them out and avoid them going down the drain.

Grind Ice and Table Salt

If you want to freshen up your garbage disposal and give it a clean, you can use ice and table salt. This will help to loosen up any scraps of food that may be attached to the blades or sitting inside the disposal.

Try putting down two cups of ice followed by a cup of table salt. Just be sure to run cold water as the disposal is operating. This can also help to eliminate any odors that may be lingering in the disposal.

Don’t Use The Disposal Like a Trash Can

Your garbage disposal was designed to grind up small food scraps; it is not a trash can. Items like cigarette butts, plastic, rubber bands and other detritus can actually cause damage to your disposal. Other items that should go in the trash can include egg shells, which can break up into pieces and form a clog.

So, before you put something down the disposal, think carefully about whether it actually belongs in the trash.

Avoid Cramming in Veggie Peelings

When you’re prepping fruits and vegetables, you may find that you have lots of peelings. While technically food scraps, cramming in peelings can cause a clog. Additionally, these large quantities of vegetable matter can create an unpleasant odor as the peelings start to rot in the drain. Instead of putting your veggie and fruit peelings in your garbage disposal, consider setting up a composter in your yard.

If you do need to put some veggie peelings in the disposal, go slowly and allow the disposal to grind up a few peelings at a time.

Avoid Starchy, Stringy Foods

Finally, avoid allowing starchy or stringy foods to go into your disposal. These items can cause issues such as tangling in the disposal blades or creating a gelatinous mess that attracts other materials to cause a sticky clog.

Common culprits include pasta, bananas, and celery.

If you’re having issues with your garbage disposal, you can rely on the expertise of a professional plumber. An experienced technician can assess your disposal and offer an effective solution for any underlying issues.