Locating and Fixing Water Leaks in Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is a prime location for water leaks that can cause damage to your home. The washer and dryer are complex, they are connected to the water supply via hoses that can leak due to wear and tear. Locating and fixing water leaks should always be a priority because water can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time. If you find a water leak, it can often be remedied with a simple repair, but more complex repairs should be carried out by your local professional plumber.

Front Washer Issues

When you can see water leaking from the front of the washer, it’s one of the easier issues to identify. This situation usually arises because there are too many suds foaming in the washer at the same time. This can occur due to the addition of too much detergent or a reaction can occur between two different products. This in turn can cause the overflow tube to become clogged or the move incorrectly leading to the water leak. Understanding your laundry detergent and the quantities you need to use can prevent this from occurring.

Under-Washer Problems

A washer is complex, there are many components hidden from view and if a water leak occurs under the unit it may seem to spill from multiple locations. A prime cause of an under-washer leak is a hole in a defective washer pump. The pump may be releasing water onto the washer motor and that is an expensive component to replace. Another major issue is the water damage that can be caused to your laundry floor. Regularly scheduled maintenance on your washer can help you to mitigate this risk.

Back-Washer Issues

Because they are located at the rear of the washer, these types of water leaks are much harder to locate quickly. A good example is a drain plug that is still attached to the back of a new washer and it may be forgotten after the installation. If you have an older machine, the drain hose may have worked loose or it may be clogged. Fixing the former problem is an easy fix and you can re-attach or replace a loose hose. But, if the hose has become worn you may want to consider an upgrade to a better hose that will last longer. If you cannot locate the source of the water leak, it’s time to contact your local professional plumber for expert help.

The Washer is Overflowing

When the washer is overflowing and water is moving across the floor, it may be immediately clear that the machine is the source of the flooding. The most common cause is a defective pressure valve or switch and a large volume of water can be released in a short space of time. At this point, you need to shut-off the washer and contact the emergency service of your local professional plumbing company. They can help you to get the situation under control quickly to minimize damage to your home.