Hydro Jet Maintenance is the Key to Preventing Floods and Sewer Backups

Hydro Jet Maintenance is the Key to Preventing Floods and Sewer Backups

One of the leading causes of drain line blockages is the accumulation of debris in the drain and sewer. Tree roots, dirt and other waste can block the line allowing dirty water to back up into the property, causing damage and posing a significant danger to health. Fortunately, you can prevent flooding and sewer backups with hydro jet maintenance.

Scheduled Prevention is Better than Repair

Most homeowners give very little thought to their sewers and drains until a problem develops. Unfortunately, this passive attitude can end up costing you far more in the long run. Many of our everyday activities can take a toll on our drains and sewer line. Food particles, grease, hair and other rubbish washed down sinks and drains can become lodged inside pipes causing a blockage. Additionally, if you have trees in or near your property, the root system is likely to be extending out towards pipes. As the roots travel further in search of water and nutrients, they can break through older pipes, particularly at the joints, and cause a blockage. By not maintaining your main line and regularly keeping it clear, you could be allowing debris to accumulate in your pipes, restricting water flow and increasing the risk of flooding. A scheduled hydro jet cleaning, before the problem gets too serious, is the ideal way to avoid major repairs which can also be very expensive.

How Hydro Jetting Works:

Water under pressure is so powerful that it has the potential to cut through aluminum or steel like a laser beam. Although hydro jetting does not use water at that high of a pressure, the principle is the same. Plumbing professionals use a special unit to pressurize water to over 3000 pounds per square inch and propel it through a special nozzle it into the sewer line or drain.

There are different attachments and nozzles to allow the technician to direct the water to remove even the toughest blockage, restoring your sewer line or drain to an almost new condition. When root intrusions are so compacted that a traditional cable snake is incapable of biting into the root ball Hydro Jetting is the only alternative when it comes to slicing through unbending root intrusions. In addition to being the only really practical alternative, short of excavating, it is a far more economical and environmentally safer for removing tree roots, mud, scale accumulation, fats, grease and oil. It is also far more effective compared to auger techniques, that simply bore a hole in any roots or blockages. Hydro jetting can ensure that the full diameter of the pipe is free of any blockage or debris.

How Often Should You Hydro Jet?

The frequency of your hydro jet maintenance will depend on your particular circumstances. Restaurants, hotels and other businesses may require hydro jetting once or twice a year. Fortunately, residential requirements tend to be far less demanding. The typical single family home and smaller condominiums are likely to only require hydro jetting once every few years. The size and condition of the sewer or drain will also impact how often you need hydro jetting. A hydro jetting specialist will be able to perform an inspection of your sewer line and drains and suggest a maintenance plan to prevent blockages accumulating and causing a flood or backup.Floods and sewer backups can be a costly and stressful experience. The clean up of dirty water can present a health risk and cause untold damage to your possessions. , With hydro jet preventative maintenance, you can avoid sewer backups and flooding, keeping your home safe from damage.