Examining Plumbing Services in More Detail

Most people probably don’t think too much about contact a plumber unless they have a plumbing emergency or they need an estimate for a repair. In fact, a professional plumber is trained to deal with a large variety of household related plumbing tasks. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the plumbing services that a good plumber will offer. Repairing Leaks This is the primary service offered by almost every plumber and the one that most people will be aware of. A professional plumber is well trained to deal with a wide variety of leaks and associated piping issues. So, if you need a simple leak fixed or your home needs a brand new piping system fitted a plumber should be contacted. It may be tempting for DIYers to tackle plumbing jobs, but in many cases, it just isn’t worth the risk. Water damage is extremely expensive to repair and a good plumber will have plenty of insurance coverage if there is a problem. Cleaning Drains Our kitchen and bathroom sinks are fitted with drains to to drain dirty water away from our homes. Over time these drains may become blocked with debris that forms clogs in the system. These clogs need to be removed, if they are left to get worse, the drain may stop working, and dirty water could even back up into your home. This can cause water damage, and it will be extremely unpleasant to clean up. It may be tempting to use a commercial chemical drain cleaning product to break the clog up. This is not advisable, the corrosive nature of the products means that they can damage your pipes. This could result in a leak, and a repair will be needed. It’s always a better idea to remove the clog manually; if the clog is near the drain entry, you may be able to remove it yourself. If the clog is further into the pipes, some specialist equipment will be needed. A professional plumber will have the training, experience, and equipment to remove your clog safely without damaging your pipes. Repairing the Garbage Disposal If the garbage disposal leaks, jams or makes a strange noise when it’s running, it will need some expert attention. It may be possible to remove a jammed item yourself, but if you cannot an expert plumber should be called. There could be an underlying issue that’s affecting how your garbage disposal works. Perhaps an adjustment or a change in habits will be able to get the unit running well again. Repairing Toilets The toilets in your home can be affected by a number of different issues, and they may need a professional plumber to fix them. Some of the most common problems include toilets overflowing, a failure to flush correctly and a clog located past the bend. Some clogs can be removed with a simple plunger, but if the clog is further into the pipes, an auger may be needed. As mentioned above, don’t use a chemical cleaner and call your plumber instead if the problem persists. Repairing Sewer Lines A sewer related issue can be a disgusting problem to deal with even for those with stronger stomachs. There are some typical warning signs to look out for, such as unusual noises, foul odors and a slower draining time. These are all signs that you need a plumber to inspect your sewer lines to assess the scale of the problem. A sewer problem should be resolved quickly as it can cause a variety of health related issues. Repairing or Replacing Water Heaters A water heater is a crucial part of any modern home, and nobody wants a cold shower first thing in the morning. A good professional plumber will offer some water heater repair and installation services to get your hot water back on quickly. If you have an older water heater, it’s worth mentioning that a more modern water heater will use very effective burners to heat your water. These units are far more energy efficient than older units that have bulky water tanks, and you should save money on your energy bills. Cleaning by Hydro Jetting Hydro jetting is a cleaning method that’s used to clean persistent and hard to reach clogs from pipes. A stream of high powered water breaks the clog apart and flushes it away. This is a great method to use if a manual removal attempt has failed. It’s possible to rent equipment like this, but it takes skill and experience to use a hydro jet correctly. In the wrong hands, a hydro jet can cause damage to pipes if the water pressure is too high. Plumbing Installations When a plumbing system is designed and installed by a professional, there will be far fewer problems later. A plumber will have a fundamental understanding of how your plumbing system should work to suit your needs. They can offer valuable advice on the sorts of features that you would like and the materials that could be used. Choosing high quality materials that are suitable for your home can really extend the lifespan of your plumbing system. It’s a good idea to get a trusted local professional plumber on board early because their advice will be useful before work begins. Access to Professional Tools and Equipment We’ve touched on this a few times, but it’s worth repeating that a typical DIY toolbox will not contain professional plumbing tools and equipment. A basic auger is cheap, but not many of us need or can afford a high tech camera that can be fed into a pipe. A hydro jet can be hired, but it requires a skilled operator to use it correctly. It’s almost always a better idea to hire a professional plumber; they have the tools and experience to deal with your plumbing problems. Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the kinds of services that your local plumber can offer. If you have a problem out of regular business hours, you can always contact our emergency number for expert assistance. By Giovanni Longo President Flood Brothers Plumbing Giovanni Longo is a 3rd generation master plumber who has been practicing his craft and trade in the greater Los Angeles area for well over a decade and a half. A plumbing and hydraulics-engineering innovator, Giovanni’s particular world-class expertise focuses on dealing with challenging sewer system designs as well as resolving complex commercial and residential draining issues. As a certified Flood Mitigation expert, he is also well versed in a wide variety of water damage and remediation solution.