Bathroom tub

Does Your Bathtub Fail to Hold Water?

When it comes to getting fresh and clean, you can’t beat a shower, and it’s an extremely efficient way to wash your hair and body. But, many of us enjoy a fairly regular bath because it can really relax muscles in a way that’s hard to achieve when showering. One of the most annoying aspects of a bath is when the water drains prematurely, and you can’t seem to maintain a consistent water level. In this article, we will examine six steps that you can take to fix the problem.

Step 1: Identify the Source of this Problem

The most likely cause of a bathtub that’s draining prematurely is the drain stopper. If this is the case, you’re in luck because this problem is an easy fix that should take around an hour to complete. Then you can get back to enjoying your bubble bath in peace. If the drain stopper is not the cause, you need to contact your local certified plumber and get them to take a look.

Step 2: Remove the Drain Stopper Cover

Start by removing the drain stopper cover plate, lift it, and then you should see the linkage below. This mechanism is needed to move the drain stopper from an up to a down position and vice versa. The linkage must be connected properly, or the water may be leaking because the drain stopper isn’t fully closed. Try to pull the lever up until you can see the linkage clearly and examine the connections.

Step 3: Fix Loose Linkage Connections

Take a magnetic tipped tool, locate the plug and spring and make sure they are connected to the linkage assembly. This can be tricky, the linkage may be tangled or bent, and it needs to be hanging directly down before it can be fixed. There should be a U-shaped pin at the top to hold the linkage in place. If this pin is broken or missing, it must be replaced to complete the repair.

Step 4: Test the Mechanism

Once you have the linkage is lined up, you can adjust the linkage length to make sure everything is working as intended. Test the assembly to ensure that it’s moving up and down correctly before you replace the drain stopper cover.

Step 5:  Replace the Mechanism

The drain stopper mechanism needs to be replaced inside the overflow tube. Then you can go ahead and replace the drain stopper cover plate. You can test the linkage level to make sure that the drain stopper is working correctly. If the drain stopper is not fully closing and opening, you need to repeat the preceding steps until you get it working.

Step 6: Fill the Bath

If the drain stopper appears to be working, the only real way to test that it’s fixed is to fill the bath. It seems like a shame to waste that water, so feel free to relax after all your hard work.

If you can’t seem to fix the problem or it seems that the drain stopper is not the issue, it’s time to call your local certified plumber for expert help.