Close up shot of a drain

Are Your Gurgling Drains Trying to Tell You Something?

Every plumbing system needs drains to remove the wastewater and human waste out of the home to the main sewer line that runs by your home. Drains can be affected by a number of issues that can lead to some strange phenomena at times. One of the more unnerving things that can occur in a drain is a deep gurgling noise when you least expect it. If you have any major concerns about your plumbing system, it’s time to call your local certified and licensed plumber for expert help and advice. In this article, we will take a closer look at the possible causes for this noise and how you can fix the problem.

Is This Gurgling Sound Normal?

The short answer is no. The only sound that you should hear from your drains is the sound of water running away freely without any obstructions. When the faucet is running the water should be spraying out at the desired level of pressure and draining at a fast rate. On rare occasions, you may hear a slight gurgling sound, but this is usually caused by foaming shampoo or washing soap that has entered the drain. Once the foam is dispersed by the flowing water, that temporary gurgling sound tends to disappear quickly. If you can hear a constant and consistent gurgling noise, it’s a bad sign.

What is the Source of the Gurgling Sound?

If you can hear a gurgling or rattling sound in your drain, the source is probably a drain clog somewhere along the length of the line. At other times, it could be a block of the drainpipe before it reaches the main sewer line. Most people don’t know that a modern plumbing system relies on a balance of water and air to work efficiently. If that balance is upset, it will cause the air to flow across the water. This may not seem like a big deal, but the sound can keep you awake at night, and ignoring clogs is not an option. Over time, clogs tend to grow and they become harder to remove.

Ghost Flushing Issues

One of the more disturbing aspects of certain drain noises is ghost flushing. The source of this noise is usually a vented pipe that is not functioning properly. A venting system should regulate the airflow inside the plumbing pipes. If the vents cannot work, they can cause a number of issues that should be avoided. Another common sign of this problem is the presence of bubbles inside the toilet water bowl.

Are Strange Noises a Big Deal?

After reading this article, you may wonder if a gurgling drain is a big deal. But, the annoying noise is the part of the problem that you can perceive and it’s a warning sign. A clog in the drain will grow as more material is added to it and this will cause the pipe to narrow. If the drain is blocked completely, the wastewater cannot enter the drain and it must go somewhere. This will cause the water to back up into the sink and you will need to remove the dirty water before you can access the drain. Some drain clogs can be removed with a cup plunger or drain snake, but they may return. A persistent clog is caused by deeper underlying issues in the plumbing system that need to be fixed.

If you’re worried about your drains, contact your local certified and licensed plumber today.