6 Benefits of a Plumbing Pipeline Inspection

Sadly, for many homeowners, a slow drain due to a drain clog is a basic plumbing issue that never seems to be resolved. Manually removing a clog is the most effective method using a simple home plunger or a plumbing snake. But, sometimes there are clogs that just seem to return again and again, and it seems impossible to get rid of them. In the plumbing trade, these are known as “persistent clogs,” and they return due to an underlying plumbing problem that is not being addressed. Before a plumber can come to the correct conclusion, they will probably need to carry out a pipeline inspection to check the health of the pipes. Let’s take a look at six benefits to getting the pipelines into your home checked professionally.
  1. An Accurate Diagnostic Tool
In days gone by, fault finding in plumbing systems required a great deal of skill combined with a lot of guesswork. Trying to figure out what was wrong in a domestic, public, or commercial sewer line was difficult, and it was easy to make the wrong diagnosis. Even the very best plumbers could make the wrong call, and they might have to make several attempts before they could find and fix the problem. This often involved a great deal of digging, disruption to everyone in the area, and plenty of mess everywhere. Modern plumbing is nothing like this; thanks to the introduction of high tech pipeline inspection equipment, a certified plumber can easily discover what’s wrong by looking at the inside of the sewer line.
  1. A Modern Pipeline Inspection is Quick
As we’ve seen, diagnosis of a pipeline problem can involve a great deal of trial and error if you attempt to work out what’s wrong without a pipeline inspection. When modern pipeline inspection technology is used, the diagnosis will be more accurate, and the inspection time is cut down significantly. The plumber will have a fiber optic cable that has a digital camera and an LED light fixed at the business end. The cable is fed into the pipe slowly, the plumber monitors the camera feed on a monitor, and they can often find the cause of the problem in a few minutes. Then the certified plumber can make a plan on how to clean or repair the pipeline.
  1. The Accuracy of Modern Pipeline Inspections
A pipeline can be subject to a wide variety of problems, such as blockages caused by grease, fat, and oil, infiltration by tree roots, extreme corrosion leading to cracks, a build up of solid debris causing clogs, and shifted ground leading to sagging pipes. Every pipeline problem needs a different solution, and it’s vital to have an accurate diagnosis before starting the work. A pipeline inspection will give the plumber an exact diagnosis, and they will be better prepared to fix the problem. This will make the cleaning or repair process faster and cleaner.
  1. The Cleanliness of Pipeline Inspections
The older methods of detecting problems in pipelines was inaccurate, time consuming, and messy. Sometimes digging would occur on a strong hunch only to discover that the problem was located elsewhere in the pipeline. This could create a great deal of mess on the property with multiple holes to fill after the work was carried out. This would also make landscaping the area more costly and difficult when returning the outside spaces to their original state. When modern pipeline inspection goes into the pipe it enters laterally, so there is no need to dig a hole until the problem has been located.
  1. A Professional Pipeline Inspection
It’s essential to only allow licensed and certified plumbers to work on your home. This included carrying out a pipeline inspection for the sewer line that runs under your property. The cost of modern pipeline inspection equipment makes it an expensive purchase for most people, especially when it would only be used intermittently. But, even if a property owner wanted to purchase the equipment and inspect the pipeline themselves, they should take care. Carrying out a pipeline inspection is a skilled job, it takes extensive training to operate this equipment correctly, and it’s easy to misdiagnose a problem if you don’t have the plumbing experience. Also, once the problem has been identified, the pipeline will need fixing,  and that is also a job for a professional.
  1. Reducing Pipeline Repair Costs
The inconvenience and expense associated with repair a sewer line should not be underestimated. Almost every homeowner or property manager will have to deal with a sewer line that corroded, cracked or completely broken at some point. Getting to the pipe will usually entail lifting your lawn, and the repair time could be extensive. If the damage is too bad, the entire sewer line may need to be replaced to restore integrity. A pipeline inspection can pinpoint where the problems are located, and this will allow the plumber to gain access to the pipe causing the minimum amount of disruption. The plumber may be able to use a trenchless repair method which requires no digging, and this can be done in a single day. A trenchless repair is good for fixing problems, such as cracked pipes, blocked pipes, root intrusions, and improperly installed leaky sewer lines. Ask your local certified plumber if they can carry out a trenchless repair on your pipeline. Recurring Drain Clogs A drain or sewer clog that consistently returns is not a normal occurrence in any home or business. If you have problems, such as water coming back up the drains after a nearby toilet was flushed or when you use your washing machine, there is an underlying problem to fix. A modern pipeline inspection is the best way to really get the root of the problem and establish what has gone wrong. This will allow the plumber to quickly locate the problem and fix it without causing too much disruption. If you have a persistent drain clogs or sewer pipeline problems, get in touch with your certified plumber for expert help and advice. By Giovanni Longo President Flood Brothers Plumbing Giovanni Longo is a 3rd generation master plumber who has been practicing his craft and trade in the greater Los Angeles area for well over a decade and a half. A plumbing and hydraulics-engineering innovator, Giovanni’s particular world-class expertise focuses on dealing with challenging sewer system designs as well as resolving complex commercial and residential draining issues. As a certified Flood Mitigation expert, he is also well versed in a wide variety of water damage and remediation solution.