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5 Ways to Choose the Best Plumber

Every homeowner needs a plumber from time to time when a toilet is clogged or the garbage disposal doesn’t work properly. Some plumbing tasks such as a leaking faucet can be fixed by anyone with a little DIY experience. But, other jobs are best left to a local certified plumber with the training, experience, and knowledge to get it right the first time. But, how do you find the best plumber that you can trust to work in your home? In this article, we will look at five ways to screen out bad “handymen” and find a good plumber.

1.  Ask Friends and Family

If you’re new to the area, you may not know anyone and it can be hard to get a personal recommendation. But, if you have friends and family nearby, they can be a great source of information on local businesses and that includes plumbers. When you trust the opinion of someone, it means much more than a bland online review or some advertising jargon.

2.  Look at Online Reviews

If you look at online reviews for plumbers in your area, you can learn a lot about them. Many people are keen to share their experiences and they tend to let loose when they share information online. When you look at any online review, you have to be careful about false or shill reviews that make a business sound too good to be true. It can be hard to spot reviews like this, but once you’ve read a few they are easier to recognize. Remember that any business can have “difficult” clients or customers that are hard to please. But, there should be a generally positive reaction from people that have used the prospective plumber in the past.

3.  Free Estimates

Many people are concerned about the cost of a plumbing installation or repair job. So, it’s important to choose a professional plumber that’s prepared to present a free estimate up front. Before you make a final decision ask the plumber if they charge a flat-fee or by the hour for certain tasks. This can have a significant effect on their pricing structure.

4.  Emergency Service Calls

Let’s face it, many people need a plumber to help in an emergency situation such as a water leak. So, you need to choose a plumber that has an emergency service for their customers. Burst pipes always seem to occur in the early hours of the morning and you won’t have time to wait for a plumber that only works standard hours to open.

5.  Experience and Licensing

If you’re happy with a plumber for your installation and repair needs, ask them about their experience and licensing. If your plumber is fully-licensed, they’ve completed an apprenticeship and passed numerous courses and exams. This would mean that they are likely to have years of experience and this should give you peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a licensed and certified local plumber, contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.