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4 Reasons to Hydro Flush Your Drains and Sewer Lines

Many of us have spent more time at home than we would normally and some of us are even working from home now. This has placed additional strain on our home plumbing systems and with the extra debris, food particles, hair and other materials clogs can become more prevalent. A minor clog can be removed with a simple cup plunger and a little elbow grease. A more significant clog can be removed with some baking soda, vinegar and warm water to melt the clog. But, if you have a persistent clog that’s hard to remove, you should contact your local certified plumber and ask about hydro flushing.

A Cautionary Note

Before we look at the reason you may want to consider hydro flushing, it’s important to talk about chemical drain cleaners. These should be avoided at all costs because they contain caustic chemicals that can damage your skin and plumbing pipes. A professional plumber will always choose a manual clog removal method such as hydro flushing or a plumbing snake to remove the clog safely.

How Does Hydro Flushing Work?

Hydro flushing is a technique where pressurized water is introduced into the drain via a special nozzle. This removes debris, including: grease, minerals, food particles, hair and other types of residue clog drain lines. This technique is also an effective way to remove small tree root intrusions and the buildup of silt and sand that may be present.

4 Reasons to Choose Hydro Flushing

1.   Eliminating Grease Deposits

Grease and fats are a huge problem when it comes to smooth pipe functions. This material is the core of most clogs because other debris adheres to the sticky surface. Over time, the clog grows larger as more debris is added and eventually it blocks the pipè. This is why it’s important to avoid pouring used grease and fats into your kitchen drain.

2.   Plumbing Pipe Restoration

As plumbing pipes age, they tend to become weaker and the buildup of grease and debris can introduce extra stress which makes them fail earlier. This is a real problem in older homes where the plumbing pipes have never been cleaned professionally. Hydro flushing may not be appropriate in some cases if the pipes are already very weak. But, you plumber can inspect the pipes for you and if they are in good enough shape they will certainly benefit from some cleaning.

3.   Removing Tough Clogs

A drain clog that’s tough to remove can cause a number of problems including broken pipes and water leaks. It makes good sense to remove the clog early to avoid expensive plumbing repairs and water damage.

4.   Preventative Maintenance

If your drain lines are prone to clogs, it’s a good idea to get them hydro jetted to prevent them from returning again. Using a plumbing snake or a cup plunger can remove many minor clogs but in some cases this is a temporary fix.

If you want to learn more about hydro jetting for your home plumbing system, contact your local certified plumber today.