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3 Ways to Get Your Plumbing System Ready for an Extended Summer

Some homeowners are diligent when it comes to scheduling regular maintenance for their plumbing systems. Others will only resort to contacting a plumber when something goes wrong and this is a flawed way of looking at the problem. When you adopt a proactive approach to most problems, you can usually deal with smaller issues before they develop into larger problems. Smaller repairs typically take less, they are less expensive and they result in less disruption for your home.

Professional vs Amateur: Which is Better?

The rise of a DIY culture has been a good thing, it’s important to develop new skills and you can save money on home projects. But, there are some areas that are best left to professionals and home plumbing is a prime example. Some DIY plumbing enthusiasts can save money fixing leaky faucets and clearing basic drain clogs. This is laudable, but when you need to inspect, fix and maintain critical systems, it’s a job best left to a professional plumber. They have the training, experience, and specialized tools to maintain and fix your plumbing to a high standard. Let’s take a look at three ways that your local certified plumber can help you to get ready for a long summer.

1.   Flushing Out the Sewer Line

Flushing out the sewer line is a good example of the need for a local certified plumber. This technique uses a power water-jetting cleaning systems that most people will not have in their toolbox! A powerful stream of water is blasted along the sewer line to remove any stubborn deposits of grime, grease, mud, debris, and other residues. The freshly cleaned sewer line will work efficiently, the flow is steady and the chances of a sewer clog formation are diminished.

2.   A Sewer Camera Inspection

This is often a precursor to a sewer line flushing or other action needed to maintain or repair the line. This may sound like a complex process, but it’s pretty simple and it doesn’t take long. Of course, the average homeowner won’t have access to a fiber optic camera that can be fed into their drain and that’s where the certified plumber comes in handy. They have the expertise, skills, and specialized camera gear to locate potential problems inside the sewer line which leads out of your property to the mains. Early identification of problems can keep your sewer line working at optimal efficiency and it can reduce the costs of future repairs.

3.   Checking the Sewer Ejector Pump

If your home is located on an incline you may have a sewer ejector pump that moves the sewage to a higher level where the main sewer line is located. This is a tough job; the sewer ejector pump is a common location for dense clogs that can be tough to remove. For this reason, it’s advisable to check, clean, and maintain the ejector pump twice per year to ensure they are working as intended.

Adopting a proactive approach is always a good idea and every complex system needs regular maintenance to work efficiently. Contact your local certified plumber and ask them about inspection and maintenance programs for your home plumbing system.